By , on June 15, 2010

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3 out of 5


  • Simplified controls, get you right in to the action.
  • Old-school top-down action visuals.
  • Unique special abilities.


  • Midi-music for the menu? Seriously?
  • Goofy AI that needs babysitting. 


It's a shame that a game based off an action series punishes aggressive tactics so harshly, but with a bit of caution The A-Team will easily eat up every level even on the hardest difficulty.

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There are certain expectations you can leave behind when tackling a product that comes out of the A-Team franchise, generally a strong storyline or realistic action are amongst these. So with that said, The A-Team by GameHouse has reduced its action title to the basics, with explosions, guns and so many bad-guys (tm) to kill that you'll wonder why they haven't been branded as war criminals... oh wait.

To keep the game fast paced, a lot of the action is pulled out of your hands, giving you the role of controlling the general direction and special abilities of each member of the 'team'. Hannibal as the leader can force the AI to retreat or attack; Face can lob an unlimited supply of grenades that grow from an endless sack on his hip; B.A. can punch people in the face; and Murdoch can be flown in to drop some heavy artillery. Your selected character can be moved and have their special ability aimed by using the virtual stick or tapping on the screen.

GameHouse have done a great job of miniaturizing the movie team in to recognizable sprites, while explosions and bullet squibs will fill the rest of the screen in case you forgot what you were playing. Sadly the gameplay feels shallow, with some puzzle elements that require solving through the use of certain characters, but this is easily offset by your AI blithely wandering in to your own grenades or directly in to the enemies bullets.

The A-Team is fun for a while, but if you need a fix watch the DVDs or go see the movie instead.


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