Pro Zombie Soccer Review

By , on June 16, 2010

Pro Zombie Soccer
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5 out of 5


  • Amusing self-aware storyline.
  • Simple controls that require strategic thinking.
  • Satisfyingly mushy zombies.
  • Cinematic horror-grind soundtrack.


  • Awkward aiming at extreme angles.
  • Replay value not as strong despite unlockable survival mode.


Even once this jumps back to full price, Pro Zombie Soccer will grip you and keep you smiling thanks to its fun storyline and varied gameplay that keeps things fresh from start to finish.

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The development and release of Pro Zombie Soccer is almost a perfect storm of ideas, combining the still (amazingly) strong zombie market with the increasingly prominent football (soccer) crowd. It sounds like a marketing wet-dream, but it's hard to fault Chillingo's latest release as it begs you to sit down and finish this immensely fun and amusing title without a single break.

You'll need to get your reflexes and rebound skills tuned up in order to crush the almost unstoppable wave of half-rotting death from consuming you, as you fling a football to cave in their skulls. The basic kick is performed by aiming with a swipe bar and letting go to kick. Holding down will charge a super-kick, while after filling your power bar one of three special skills can be used to cause mass mayhem.

More than anything else, Pro Zombie Soccer is self aware and features an amusing storyline that's worth grabbing the game for alone. The graphics are luscious, with a juicy comic-book style and plenty of varied zombies to beat down. Zombie Soccer quickly changes things up by introducing new challenges like fighting in a dark room or using lasers scattered around the walls, but if you're quick witted enough you'll easily complete the game in under a couple hours. This unlocks a hard mode and a survival mode, both of which will truly test your reflexes.

Despite lacking some replay value, finishing Pro Zombie Soccer is a rewarding experience and easily recommended for everyone to try.


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