Last Front: Europe Review

By , on August 27, 2010

Last Front: Europe
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4 out of 5


  • Challenging balanced TD gameplay.
  • Co-op multiplayer mode. 
  • Unlockable maps and unique upgrades.


  • Tower placement can be picky.


Last Front: Europe is a TD title we definitely wish we picked up on sooner and fans of titles like Field Runners will love this title and it's in depth features.

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We're digging through the archives a bit here, but Last Front: Europe by Plow Digital is one of those games I definitely regret not picking up on the first time around.

Early on Last Front feels much like an open area tower defense title like Field Runners, giving you the option of placing towers with relative freedom to 'maze' incoming units. However as you progress through the campaign, unlocking new and diverse maps, you'll have to account for units with clever AI that attempt to outwit your maze or even attack your forces to push through weak points. Thankfully the player has traps and unique upgrades at their disposal to counter these pushes or protect their own forces.

I've often been harsh on titles that use a bland color palette, especially in games like this where identifying between objects and units is critical, but the artistic style is clear and the vibrant splashes of color that are in the game really stand out. Recent updates have also added a new difficulty mode that forces players to react to extremely clever enemy AI that will stop at nothing to get by your defenses.

However I should temper my excitement and point out that 'Last Front: Europe' doesn't really stand out too much barring its focus on tactics. What it does excel at is ensuring that everything has a place and a purpose, which makes this a fun and balanced challenge to explore. With so many maps, modes and countries to play this is definitely a game tower defense fans will want to try out.


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