Sailor Dog Review

By , on August 4, 2010

Sailor Dog
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4 out of 5


  • Simple, clever endless jump gameplay.
  • Fun, origami-themed visual style.
  • Dog jumps on swan, swan swims around, dog gets bone.


  • Random spawns make some games much harder to score in than others.


If you're after something truly unique, at least visually speaking, Sailor Dog is definitely 'out there' and still manages to keep you entertained for a while.

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If you told me to try playing a game about a dog bouncing on the back of a swan in an origami-styled theme I'd have looked at you funny, then said 'yes', if only out of sheer curiosity. In Sailor Dog by Andreas Johansson you'll be bouncing around the ocean collecting balloon suspended bones while dodging catfish and other creatures out to sink your adventure.

The basic gameplay is not unlike a vertical endless jumper, with your dog bouncing off the swan's head and anything else he can land on. By chaining your jump on balloons and animals you can increase a bonus multiplier and various power-up suits can help you out by adding some offensive capabilities or giving your dog a brief moment of super-powered flight.

But what do I mean by origami-styled visuals? Well it's quite literally a 2D animated word that consists of creatures represented in their origami forms. It's a striking style and one that works surprisingly well, especially as the theme is continued to give the water a rippling effect and even a 'cut-out' moon joins in.

There's an online scoreboard to submit your best efforts and players can also see just how many balloons, fish and power-ups were collected to reach their top position. Sailor Dog is better than your average endless jumping title and definitely worth grabbing for younger audiences or anyone after a very unique casual gaming experience.


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