Alienz Review

By , on August 11, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • No-holds-barred alien slug-fest.
  • Various upgrade options for individual gameplay.
  • Unlockable super weapons.


  • Late-game framerate issues.
  • Random upgrade paths can quickly cut games short.


Alienz can be a bit schizophrenic when it comes to how successful you end up, but if you step up to the plate you can fend off those pesky aliens for quite some time.

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Don't expect a fair fight in Alienz by Kuyi Mobile, because you're destined to fail. In this near-endless action arcade title you're given the task of defending Earth from the invasion of a cute alien horde by deploying giant weapons around the planet to shoot them down.

Alienz immediately kicks things off with a simple upgrade system that ensures a decent amount of replayability as you play around with the play-style that works best for you. Your basic weapon is a giant cannon that can be rotated around the planet by touching either side of the screen. Upgrades will allow you to end up with 4 cannons at maximum, but there are speed, power and even spread-shot upgrades to give you the edge.

Each game mixes up the visuals slightly, giving you a different background, extra planets and even a different rotation of the 'Earth' that scars depending on how much damage you've taken. The majority of the alien horde is merely a reskin of the basic green variety, but the occasional 'uber' alien can end up ruining your day. Two additional weapons will also unlock the more you play and provide access to new abilities to extend your gameplay.

While you're not meant to survive it's frustrating to have games cut short by the random spawning drops that sometimes refuse to give you upgrade points. Still, it's surprising to enjoy a game where you have no choice but to fail and arcade fans will definitely want to take a crack at Alienz.


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