Real Golf 2011 Review

By , on September 10, 2010

Real Golf 2011
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5 out of 5


  • Slick, easy to use controls with alternative tap mode.
  • Beautiful high-definition graphics.
  • Career and challenge modes to complete.


  • A touch over-sensitive for aiming shots.
  • Gyroscope controls feel gimmicky.


Where games like Let's Golf 2 revel in the basic fun of golf, Real Golf 2011 steps things up by adding a dash more realism in to the mix along with a few professional stars to round things out.

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After the recent release of Let's Golf 2 from Gameloft I'd have thought there would be a bit more of a cool-off between golfing titles, however here I am with Real Golf 2011 in my hands and I must say I'm not complaining one bit; it's a real killer title.

Real Golf 2011 is, for lack of a better word for it, the 'adult' equivalent of the Let's Golf franchise. Gone are the whacky environments and cartoonish characters; in go the beautiful country club vistas and real life golfers. You'll get to choose to follow the virtual career of one of ten different professional golfers as you climb up the international ladder to stardom. Playing matches earns your player experience to add to their basic stats, while purchasing new equipment can also help to boost your skills. Gameplay is relatively standard, using touch controls or the gyroscope for iPhone 4 users to position their shot and a swipe system for swinging your club. For those not enamored with the swipe system an option to switch to a classic power-bar is also available.

It's hard to overstate how beautiful the game looks, especially on a Retina display with crisp, smooth environments and beautiful lighting depending on the time of day. Each pro-golfer is easy to recognize, though it's a shame the animations feel recycled so when staring at the back of their head it's hard to tell who is who.

Still, this is a small nit-pick on an otherwise solid golfing title and while it may not be entirely realistic, Real Golf 2011 is really fun.


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