Squish The Zombies Review

By , on September 1, 2010

Squish The Zombies - Fun Time Killer Game with snowball
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3 out of 5


  • Pick up and play style.
  • Two modes for endless and short-burst of gameplay.
  • Fun graphical style.


  • Arcade mode can slow down and get dull in longer sessions.
  • No BGM.


Squish The Zombies is a simple, fast arcade title that aims to fill those small spare moments with zombie squishing fun; it's not perfect, but it does make a basic idea fun.

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It's incredibly odd to get two games so similar to each other to review like this in one day, but at least it's also a great opportunity to see what does and doesn't work (at least for me) in games with similar concepts and different executions. Squish The Zombies by AQSystem is another game where you get to tilt and aim an ever increasing ball of snow as it cleanses the hillside of a zombie plague and unsightly houses.

There are only two modes to choose from and in Arcade mode you'll need to keep your ball moving for as long as possible, growing in size and speed as you destroy more zombies. Hitting objects will slow you down and shrink your ball and the further you get down the hill, the more obstacles there are to end your run. Combo points are awarded for hitting zombies without touching other objects and additional points can be gained by flattening zombies and houses after jumping off a ramp. In Blitz mode you are given one minute to kill as many zombies as possible without any obstacle interference.

Squish The Zombies uses a zoomed out overhead perspective, which makes it relatively easy to see incoming objects while still being challenging at high speeds, but it also has the side-effect of shrinking the otherwise cute cartoonish sprites to an extremely small size, losing a lot of detail in the process.

Squish The Zombies can get a tad repetitive, especially on longer Arcade runs, however the ability to mix it up with a straight-up zombie slaughter gives this a great 'on the go' appeal.


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