GEON™ Review

By , on September 7, 2010

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3 out of 5


  • Challenging timed and puzzle modes.
  • Multiple cube special powers.
  • Bright visuals.


  • No level restarts. 
  • Ear-shattering audio.


GEON is an interesting mix of gameplay elements that doesn't quite fuse perfectly, but for a quick game on the go it proves to be a challenging experience.

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After its release on the iPad it was only a matter of time until GEON by Strawdog Studios made its way on to the iPhone as well. Published by Chillingo, this hyper-speed Pac Man style puzzle platformer is certainly flashy in its appearance, but instead of bringing the full experience from major consoles this pint-sized game trims back the fat to try and make it more appealing for on-the-go gamers.

It's probably best to forget the game's tilt controls as this game demands far too much precision to be bogged down by imprecise detection. The virtual d-pad and buttons are responsive and certainly all you'll need to get things started. There are several cubes to choose from, each one benefiting from power-ups scattered around the level in different ways. Holding on to the power-up will speed you up, making it easier to collect the orbs needed to complete the level, but activating your unique ability at the right time can be the difference between a gold or a silver time.

Each level is essentially a giant grid with various barriers, switches and even enemies to make life difficult. Looping speedways add a bit of excitement to the game, but you'll need to keep your focus to prevent forgetting orbs needed to finish a level. GEON doesn't make use of iOS 4's new graphical capabilities, which is odd considering its higher resolution iPad release.

GEON is a fun title to jump in to and for a buck it's worth checking out, but small flaws keep this from being a real must have game.


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