Garage Inc. Review

By , on January 13, 2011

Garage Inc.
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4 out of 5


  • Hectic management gameplay with a mobster twist.
  • Alternative Cooking Mama-esque mini-games to complete.
  • Interesting storyline with a sudden ending.


  • Moving workers can be fiddly.
  • No way to prevent Angelo from repairing; one small slip-up can ruin a perfect run.


Garage Inc. is charming in its vintage style and while the mobster storyline does add a serious edge it never overshadows the inherent fun of this management game.

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Sure you may have powdered a few noses, treated a few people to spas and served them tasty food in the past, but have you pulled up your sleeves to repair some vintage vehicles? Garage Inc. by Breakthrough Entertainment is a management style title with a classic twist and you'll have to work heard to break out of your debt with the local mobsters.

After taking a loan from his cousin, Angelo Marito opens up a garage in Chicago and shortly thereafter is told about where that money came from. To make up for the debt you'll need to work hard at efficiently diagnosing vehicles before passing them on to your skilled employees to repair the issues you've identified. Like any good management game you're subjected to a seemingly endless stream of impatient customers while needing to shuffle around your employees who are only capable of repairing specific problems.

Angelo is the jack-of-all-trades that can jump in when things are getting hectic, however he's also the only one that can diagnose vehicles or take payment from customers (initially), so having him locked up in slowly repairing can be more harmful than helpful. The usual twist of having different customers with a varying range of patience, pay and technical issues can also complicate the process, especially when you have to push out several mobster vehicles for no pay at all.

Occasionally players are treated to Cooking Mama style mini-games where you'll have to modify vehicles for the mob and this breaks up the tedium of managing expensive employees and impatient customers nicely. However all good things must come to an end and it doesn't take too long to reach the game's finale.

Garage Inc. doesn't extend itself too far when it comes to original management gameplay, however pairing the game with an interesting story; fun characters; and challenging mini-games adds a flair not usually present in other similar titles. Definitely an easy game to recommend to casual gamers and fans of management titles.


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