iCube Review

By , on November 2, 2012

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4 out of 5


  • Like one of those puzzles you find in stores or restaurants, this game has a tactile pleasure in slowly solving the puzzle by playing around.


  • Control not optimal.
  • Some may find the music annoying.


A fun little 3D maze game that should amuse most players, but only the most dedicated will continue to play as the puzzles get more elaborate.

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Have you ever spent time in a games shop or visited a bar or diner where they have those puzzles made of wood, metal, or plastic laying around? Maybe you need to disconnect the rings from each either, maybe you need to get an object around the grooves to the other side, or maybe like in the game iCube, you need to rotate a ball around a maze to its final destination.

The funny thing is the controls of iCube sort of give the same tactile pleasure of play that holding one of these puzzles in real life would. It probably has to do more with the element of playing around involved as you try to solve the maze, but pivoting the camera and the game's gravity with your two thumbs is kind of analogous to real rotation. Of course in real life you can't freeze the ball as you turn the maze over and under looking for your next move, so as usual, the videogame offers advantages over whatever it might be imitating in reality.

The graphics are pretty bare bones, doing what they can to make everything clear (although the freeze effect is a nice touch), and the music is a bit intrusive, but otherwise the presentation can be described as average for most of the eighty one levels available.

But it's not the presentation that makes iCube worth looking into. Solving these mazes is quite intuitive and soon you'll find yourself sucked into the plight of this trapped orb in its three dimensional prison. As long as you understand that what you see is what you get, there should be no regrets if you decide to make the purchase.


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