RAGE HD Review

By , on November 17, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Intense rail-shooter action.
  • Detailed point-scoring system for high-score junkies.
  • Console quality visuals.


  • Extremely short on content; longevity based on a player's competitive nature.
  • Clashing interaction between auto and manual camera controls.


There's almost no doubting the quality that's on display for RAGE and RAGE HD, but repeat runs for high-scores can become dull very quickly.

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PLEASE NOTE: The 'HD' version is optimized for fourth generation devices (iPhone 4 / iTouch 4) and the iPad, however the iPhone 3GS is also supported. Older iDevices should grab RAGE, which is a separate App with the same gameplay and toned down visuals.

Gamers still have a while to wait till they get their hands on id Software's upcoming post-apocalyptic title 'Rage', however gamers after a taste of this mutant-filled madness can get started right now by picking up the App Store title RAGE or RAGE HD.

Much like DOOM Resurrection, RAGE is a rail-shooter and much like the previous title players are thrown in to situations without movement control. Though unlike DOOM players have a modicum of camera control at their disposal, with the tilt and touch controls allowing you to look beyond the limits of the camera as it swings around to bear attention on new enemies. This can prove to be immensely frustrating as you attempt to aim for bonuses or pickups, only to have your head ripped around unceremoniously and the touch controls have a problem with reaching the far limits of the camera range without furious swiping.

All of this plays out in a perfectly crafted post-apocalyptic environment, though this is no surprise with Bethesda's practiced and Fallout-franchise tested hands. Despite the sheer depth and quality of the detail, you'd be forgiven for mistaking much of the first two levels for being the same location and even the third and final area rarely strikes out beyond the pallid gray palette of the other levels.

RAGE has the capacity for real depth and quality in a way that hasn't been quite realized on the App Store, but gamers will have to suffice with a point-scoring bonanza that has legs, at least for a little while. RAGE is worth picking up to show off to friends, but it has a limited shelf-time once you're done unless you're a dedicated score-hunter.


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