MovieCat! - Movie Trivia Game Review

By , on September 21, 2010

MovieCat! - Movie Trivia Game
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4 out of 5


  • Clever categories for players to try.
  • Cute cat designs.
  • Unique single-player trivia experience.


  • Multiplayer seems like a missed opportunity.


MovieCat! is a fun trivia title that may not stump movie-buffs, but it provides just the right amount of challenge and fun categories to make it well worth picking up for anyone who likes the occasional movie.

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It's not often that we delve in to a quiz-based game and it's not that they're not fun, it's just that they tend to be fairly lazy in their approach. MovieCat! by OtherWise Games shows that quiz games don't require an insane amount of knowledge on a particular subject to be fun and by using a pub video-quiz style with some clever categories it manages to remain fresh and exciting each time you play.

Unfortunately the game is currently single-player only, but your aim is to get as far as possible, hopefully unlocking a bonus scene should you complete the quiz challenge. In each tier you'll have to answer six questions correctly from the various categories, with the challenges varying from straight question/answer to guessing a movie based off the costumes used or even a small dialogue exchange. Depending on your chosen difficulty level you'll lose a maximum of three lives per question should you answer it incorrectly and if there are categories you find difficult to answer you also have three chances to mix the remaining questions up, hopefully in your favor.

It's the presentation of MovieCat! that makes this quiz title really stand-out, with a variety of cute cartoon cats playing the roles of characters from various films depending on the question category. For those who are quick to deplete the supply of questions there is already an expansion pack available via an in-game store as well.

Unless you have absolutely no interest in films, MovieCat! is an excellent title packed with fun questions and it can only get better with time.


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