New Bust-A-Move Review

By , on February 7, 2011

New Bust-A-Move
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4 out of 5


  • Huge variety of levels; new and improved modes.
  • New 'hold' and 'jump shot' skills add more strategy.
  • Smaller orbs allow for larger puzzle designs.
  • Bright background music; remixes of classics.


  • No real limits on jump shots; destroys the challenge of some levels.
  • No sensitivity options; makes aiming from below the cannon very twitchy.


New Puzzle Bobble refines the gameplay of the Bust-A-Move titles while adding a few new twists to make this a great handheld version of the series.

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After the success of Bubble Bobble and the Puzzle Bobble series, it's no wonder TAITO have been riding the backs of these ultra-cute dragons in an attempt to spin more cash. New Puzzle Bobble is the latest iteration of the three-match bubble popping titles and after what seems like an eternity these dragons have learned a few new tricks to keep things a little more exciting.

Foremost of these is the ability to 'hold' bubbles to swap with the currently active colored orb, allowing players to develop strategies beyond throwing useless orbs away or having to waste important power-ups on risky shots. The basic gameplay has remained essentially untouched, with players aiming the cannon by touching and dragging above or below the device and popping orbs by placing them in contact with two or more other similar colored orbs. However, one feature that may be a point of contention for some is the new 'Jump Shot' system that allows orbs to be flung over the field and directly on to clusters on the top of the screen. This does add a neat twist to the gameplay that has it's chances at backfiring on players, but it can also reduce the challenge of some levels to the point of trivializing them.

The main campaign features several different gameplay variations, but it's the reduced size of the orbs that really helps this new title to stand out as it allows for complex designs that synergize perfectly with the game's new mechanics. After making your way through each areas set of stages you'll finally end up on a 'boss' battle, providing a real-time challenge that breaks up the game nicely.

New Puzzle Bobble is a worthy successor to the Bust-A-Move series of titles and a great grab for fans after something more than a simple remake. Those new to the series will enjoy the bite-sized style of each level, making it a perfect travel companion.


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