By , on September 30, 2010

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5 out of 5


  • New touch bubble-and-pop combo gameplay.
  • Fun boss fights.
  • Updated music selection.
  • Classic Bubble Bobble packaged in for free!


  • Classic mode controls a bit wonky.
  • Trance-style visuals can be off-putting at times.


Bubble Bobble Double is more than a simple, thoughtless updating of the original arcade classic and instead opts for retaining retro appeal while incorporating a new touch-based system that feels just right for iDevices.

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When TAITO decided to update their franchise for the App Store I had mixed feelings; I had the usual fan-boy hope that it's not 'ruined' and the inner-child optimism that they 'get it right'. And now that I've been playing Bubble Bobble Double, I have to say it's only a notch or two off being perfect.

It loses these points right out of the gate for the lackluster virtual stick controls for the 'classic' mode - a direct port of the arcade release - however the addition of an AI controlled partner and continuing from a chosen level is great. The new and updated game mode is simply fantastic, with players tapping incoming enemies to trap them in bubbles, swiping to move bubbles around the screen and popping them to set off chain-reactions. Mastering advanced techniques like trapping multiple creatures in larger bubbles to make super chains or deal critical damage on bosses is also fun to learn.

Much like Space Invaders Infinity, Double is given a modern 'digital' feel to the artwork, however the classic pixel-art sprites are put to great use for the basic enemies and 'super' 3D versions for the boss fights are also great to see.

This doesn't even begin to touch on other small flourishes like the updated background music that, for a game music nerd like myself, is pure heaven to listen to. I am without a doubt biased here, but Bubble Bobble Double fills me with glee and feels just right for the iPhone, mixing casual arcade charm with smooth touch controls and eye-catching visuals; definitely a must-try title.


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