Reversing Review

By , on November 24, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Reversi distilled down to an easy to use interface.
  • Alternate 'overdrive' ruleset to add a twist.
  • Multiple AI difficulty levels.


  • Currently only available on 4th gen or iPad iDevices.
  • Limited appeal as a solitaire title.


PONOS REVERSi provides little more than a polished version of Reversi for fourth gen and iPad devices, though the 'overdrive' ruleset can add a fun twist to games played against friends.

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With games like Mr.AahH!!, Mr.Space!! and PUZZLE COSMOS under the belt, developer PONOS has earned the right to be given a chance when approaching its somewhat eclectic game ideas. So it's somewhat unfortunate to see something as safe as PONOS REVERSi, but in the least it's not lacking for polish and features the same clean designs of their other releases.

There's just not much to say about the actual gameplay as it's merely a straight translation of Reversi (otherwise known by the trademark Othello), though should you explore the 'limited mode' option you'll be able to play with an extended ruleset that adds an 'over drive' effect to the game. For those not familiar with this century-old board game, players take turns at placing colored chips on to the board in an attempt to capture as much of the board as possible. Should you surround opposing chips with your color on a vertical, horizontal or diagonal, the chips will flip over to your side. Play alternates until the board is cleared, though specific rules are in place to prevent 'no win' situations. 'Over drive' adds a rule that allows players to take two turns in a row, though a preset number of chips need to be turned over before this is available for use.

As a title that's exclusive to fourth generation devices and the iPad, you'd expect the visuals to be outstanding and perfectly crisp. Thankfully this is indeed the case and while two players can use the smaller iPhone 4 screen clearly, the iPad is far more suited to the task. AI opponents are available in various difficulty levels, though online or local network play is oddly missing from this release.

If you're after a definitive Reversi title and you own a 4th gen iDevice or iPad, then PONOS REVERSi is almost as good as it gets; everyone else will just have to wait until more iDevices are supported.


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