Zoo Rescue Review

By , on December 1, 2010

Zoo Rescue
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3 out of 5


  • Fun physics action style.
  • Challenging level designs.
  • More levels on the way!


  • Short on content; easy to finish in a sitting.


Zoo Rescue is a short, but satisfyingly fun physics based title that comes as a pleasant surprise from Tap Tap developer Tapulous.

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If you thought Tap Tap Revenge creator Tapulous was limited to only creating rhythm games then you'd be sorely mistaken as their latest release 'Zoo Rescue' couldn't be further from the rhythm style of tap titles.

Zoo Rescue is a physics based action title where you need to fly your helicopter through cavernous deeps to rescue animals from their disastrous attempt to run away. Tapping the screen will provide your helicopter with some lift and tilting will angle your direction appropriately. A chain dangles from the undercarriage of the helicopter and must be attached to the animal's hoof/paw before taking off, though multiple animals can be chained together. While earlier levels are simple enough to master, the game soon adds in obstacles that can cut your chain or throw you up against the cavern walls and further complications such as needing to conserve your fuel also start to add to the challenge.

The cartoonish graphics are simple, but immensely cute and stylish, with each animal reacting to any bumps and scrapes they may take while escaping and grinning with glee once rescued. Unfortunately the game is incredibly short, weighing in at only 20 short levels and no alternative modes to keep you playing.

However, more levels are on the way and it's hard to complain when the game is this fun despite its longevity. Zoo Rescue is a simple, but challenging action arcade title and while it may not last for long it's still worth the entry fee.


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