Dino Rush Review

By , on December 1, 2010

Dino Rush
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4 out of 5


  • Unique stamina based gameplay.
  • Varied environments and challenges.
  • Goals set to keep players motivated.


  • Hard to learn acceleration/deceleration physics.


If you're after something a little different from the usual endless runner titles, Dino Rush is a gem not to be missed.

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By now most people will be familiar with the horizontal runner style of arcade titles, especially considering their popularity, so it's great to see a company like Nemoid Studio attempting to play with the formula in 'Dino Rush'.

Dundy the dinosaur is a hungry little hatchling and you'll need to help him to navigate the dangerous prehistoric landscape of jungles, volcanoes and frozen tundra to feed his ravenous appetite. The basics of Dino Rush will be familiar to genre fans and while Dundy sprints across the screen automatically, touching the screen will allow you to control when and how high he jumps. Tapping again will allow you to 'fly', though every action you take (including merely running) drains the energy available to your baby dino and you'll need to keep him topped up with food to keep up his pace.

Various power-ups also help out, granting temporary invincibility, super-speed, automatic flight and even a fruit-attracting magnet. Chaining a number of fruit without taking damage also increases your speed, placing you at further risk of damage, but also propelling you and your score higher up. The game's design is simply charming and utterly cute, but if any negative could be attributed to this runner it would be the weird acceleration and jumping physics that take a bit of time to get used to.

Fruit consumed is turned in to coins at the end of each run and completed objectives handed out at the beginning can also earn more money. This can in turn be used to purchase an on-demand power-up or to unlock an extra character. Dino Rush is a hidden-gem that's definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of endless running titles and a refreshing take on a genre that seemed all but over-used.


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