Destructopus: Total Rampage! Review

By , on May 10, 2011

Destructopus: Total Rampage!
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3 out of 5


  • Rampage-inspired giant-monster mayhem gameplay.
  • Pick-up and play simplicity; clever virtual-pad and location based touching.
  • Unlockable powers and upgrades; including IAP alternate characters and abilities.
  • Charming retro-inspired style; appropriately grinding music soundtrack.


  • Stiff responses; everything takes a fraction too long to respond - appropriate for a giant monster, bad for split-second reaction gaming.
  • Limited replay value; little motivation to keep playing once you're done.


If you have a penchant for destruction and you enjoy the idea of a giant monster rampaging through a city all in the name of environmentalism, you'll get a kick out of Destructopus; just be aware he's as slow as he is big and that can lead to some frustrating moments.

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There's something about giant monsters and explosive weaponry that just feels right - maybe it's just the whole Horror B-Movie aspect of it all, but I think everyone's inclined to imagine thrashing about causing wanton destruction now and then. Destructopus by GlitchSoft tries to put a positive spin on the actions of the giant be-tentacled behemoth wreaking havoc across the countryside as you attempt to crush the humans who would exploit the endangered species of the planet.

It may be a soft motivation, but it's reason enough to start barreling your way through cities destroying everything in your path. Your ultimate goal is to survive each level, destroying what you can and freeing trapped animals at the end, though this is easier said than done. The controls may be easy to learn, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired as players fight against the ponderous nature of the giant creature they're controlling. While it's realistic to have each swing, bite, step or crouch take time to complete, it leaves little room for reacting accordingly to the plethora of incoming projectiles. Earlier on this isn't so much of a problem, but later levels start to punish you for not having pre-emptive reflexes to keep your giant creature alive.

All is not lost though and the mindless Rampage-like gameplay is further accentuated by its simple cartoonish style and retro-MIDI grind music reminiscent of titles like the original Doom. Upgrades can be purchased between levels, with further weapons and upgrade levels unlocking as you progress in the game. Special weapons and a second playable character are also available, though these will cost extra. There's not a huge amount of levels available and unless you're pedantic the replay value is limited to gaining '3 stars' on levels (which is much easier once you're upgraded), but updates have added more levels, hopefully with more to come later on.

If you can forgive the clunky gameplay, Destructopus can be great way to de-stress as you blast your way through buildings and high-tech weaponry in this environmentally motivated quest.


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