Real Racing 2 Review

By , on December 16, 2010

Real Racing 2
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5 out of 5


  • Smooth steering control with casual and pro control settings.
  • Varied career mode with lots of unlockable content.
  • 16 player online racing with automatching.
  • Outstanding environments and detailed vehicle visuals.


  • No warnings for accidentally locking out races when selling a vehicle.
  • Vehicle collisions err towards 'Arcade' rather than 'Realistic' damage.


Real Racing 2 is a class act, with driving controls that feel smooth; an online multiplayer that gives players to chance to really test their skills; and a career mode that will keep you driving for hours - an easy to recommend title.

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While I could go on about the amazing visuals, the licensed vehicles and the clever career system of Real Racing 2 by Firemint, the thing that stands out the most is the online multiplayer. Pitching in to a race with 15 other players can be exhilarating and outside of the occasional disconnected player it's a frantic environment to test out your skills.

The controls for Real Racing 2 are highly customizable, with options varying between tilt and touch based steering; automatic and manual braking - along with adjustable thresholds; automatic and manual acceleration; and steering adjust controls. Flipping most of these to automatic will provide casual gamers with a simple to learn and play arcade experience, while flicking them off will give fans of sim-racers a challenging ride to master. The steering correction is noticeable, though not entirely intrusive as it attempts to compensate for players swerving back and forth trying to stay straight.

The career mode is where you will spend most of your time, at least initially, as you push up your fame rating and earn cash rewards to purchase new vehicles and upgrades to get those pivotal pole positions. Each career mode features several gameplay modes, from head to head competitions in pre-determined vehicles to full championship races and time trials. This in turn will unlock maps for online play and vehicles you currently own in your garage can be used for these massive races. Unfortunately player-matching can result in players being matched with someone using a vehicle in a completely different league to the majority, however it does a good job of attempting to provide a competitive field.

Much like the original the visuals are simply stunning and getting the opportunity to race some of the world's best vehicles (with reckless abandon) around these beautiful tracks is an opportunity not to be missed all on its own. Real Racing 2 is the perfect pocket companion for fans of racing titles and a definite must grab if only for the massive online gameplay.


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