Urban Ninja Review

By , on October 13, 2010

Urban Ninja
  • Publisher: Donut Games
  • Genre: Casual
  • Released: 1 Oct, 2010
  • Size: 9.7 MB
  • Price: $0.99
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3 out of 5


  • 'Trainer'(sic) mode available for each level.
  • 40 levels to play and master.
  • Typical cute Donut Games pixel-art style.


  • Energy system acts as a harsh limitation on actions.


If you're a fan of Donut Games you'll slip in to Urban Ninja with few worries, but the stiff controls and harsh energy system make this a hard game to enjoy.

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If anything, Donut Games should be applauded for the consistency of its titles, if not for their execution. It's hard to say that Urban Ninja is anything but a unique and interesting concept, but fundamental problems with the controls and gameplay elements seem set to ruin what would have otherwise been a fun game.

You're placed in control of a chubby French ninja ('Why chubby?' and 'Why French?' seems to fall under the response of 'Because.') and you need to escape the city after having completed a dangerous mission by making your way to your not-so-handy helicopter. This involves jumping your way from poles to platforms to walls to navigate your way past enemies and traps, but this also drains your energy. Once this is depleted your game ends, but in many cases you're only given just enough energy to slink your way out, with scant left over to collect the bonus stars that barely help to replenish your energy supply. Worse still, holding in a direction may aim your jump, but without control over its power you're often left flailing around in the air and restarting becomes common practice when the difference between success and failure is sometimes as slim as a heartbeat pulsing through your fingertip.

The graphics are cute, but typical for a Donut Games title, right down to the ever present circular button main menu, quirky statistics screen and three-star rankings for each level.

Urban Ninja isn't lacking for its great concept and basic gameplay and casual gamers will get some enjoyment from this, but its the small details that make this a hard game to enjoy and truly recommend.


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