Attraxxion Review

By , on October 21, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Challenging physics puzzles.
  • Clever control system to help reduce random factors.
  • Lots of content with more on the way.


  • What randomness remains may still be frustrating.
  • That annoying background music - I'll never escape it! D:


Attraxxion taxes your mental flexibility to pull off complex orbits, but with its solid controls you have one less random element to worry about.

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Physics based puzzles have become a fairly standard title on the App Store and trying to stand out isn't always easy, especially when some top selling titles have held the limelight for so long. Attraxxion by Runaway Creations takes a decidedly different direction with its puzzle gameplay and instead of flinging objects past or around planets or trying to smash down a building, you're tasked with creating planetary objects to fill your quota.

That's right, you're a robot that has been hired to get the universe cleaned up and furnished just the way your alien contractors have specified. At first this starts out with something as simple as getting a planet in to an orbit, but you'll quickly move up to creating planets of specific sizes and compositions (including orbits within orbits so you can rotate while you're rotating). Your cannon can be shifted up and down the side of the screen, but in a clever addition you can 'lock' your target in place so that shifting your cannon won't ruin your aim, helping you to fine tune that perfect trajectory.

The cartoonish visuals are rough, but fun and there's almost a steam-punk edge to the amount of bolts, gears and filigree on show, but using a tired and overused public domain background tune ruined some of the creative magic.

Attraxxion will keep you busy for hours with its complex and intricate puzzles and Runaway Creations have done a great job of minimizing the randomness to keep things fun without frustration. Definitely worth picking up if you're after a new physics challenge.


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