Toyshop Adventures Review

By , on October 25, 2010

Toyshop Adventures
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4 out of 5


  • Fun, loose physics based platforming gameplay.
  • Manipulating the environment to reach hidden areas.
  • Multiple unlockable characters.


  • Freemium model for unlocking additional content/characters.
  • Short-looped background song.


It's not Little Big Planet for the iPhone, nor was it really intended to be that deep, but Toyshop Adventures still carries some of the problems from it's creative inspiration.

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With the amount of physics based platformers on the App Store it seemed all but inevitable for a game to appear based on Little Big Planet. Toyshop Adventures by Glu is a freemium title where you'll explore various toy themed areas in order to reclaim the shop owner's lost marbles, making use of power-ups purchased with these marbles (or with your own cash) to reach the many hidden niches in each level.

Toyshop Adventures doesn't mess around with the controls and players can move their character left or right with buttons and jump or latch on to objects to get around the environment. The 'hook' or latching feature allows you to drag objects around the field to create new platforms or swing over large gaps, though careful manipulation of these items isn't always possible, leaving a fair amount of trial and error to the process.

Much like the game that seems to have inspired Toyshop Adventures, the platforming itself isn't very satisfying and being subjected to the same loose physics as the objects around you can be disorienting. Also much like LBP this game has an incredibly detailed visual style that's fun and varied, though it seems hard to justify spending cash on anything but unlocking the additional episode (which, coincidentally you can unlock immediately if you buy the 'extra bonus' version of Toyshop Adventures).

While spending money isn't required to enjoy the game, it feels like you're being milked for it and I can't help but feel that some areas will require these 'premium' power-ups for a perfect completion. Still, the free pack is a quick, fun blast to try and you can always spend more money if you feel like it.


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