Linkoidz Review

By , on October 27, 2010

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5 out of 5


  • Unique fast-strategic three-match gameplay.
  • Detailed tutorial and missions to warm you up.
  • Varied arcade modes for each area.


  • Challenge missions over almost too quickly.


Linkoidz gets the best of both worlds as it matches fast-paced three-match gameplay with an element of strategy to create something unique and fun to enjoy over and over.

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It's so easy to expect a new three-match title to be nothing more than an elaborate redesign of those that came before it and while it may be cynical to think this way, the upside is that when someone does do something new it tends to stand out like a sore thumb.

Linkoidz by Retro Dreamer dispenses with mere gem swapping and players will need to rearrange the field by plucking orbs from the bottom and feeding them back up again in order to create vertical stacks of three or more that can subsequently demolish any other similar orbs nearby. In a way this is not unlike Puzzle Bobble, but instead of requiring sharp aiming and luck, you can set up the field for huge combos by quickly rearranging each column.

Each orb has a distinctly creepy look to them despite the cartoonish style of the game (and one wonders how your hero can stay upright with a head that weighs more than his body), but this only adds to the simple charm of the game. Multiple tutorials and challenges set players up to learn the game inside-out and once completed multiple arcade modes are available for each of the game's areas.

After a little while the shape of the gameplay starts to take form and unlike a lot of other three-match games, Linkoidz has a genuine feeling of strategy to its high-speed gameplay. Linkoidz is a rare gem that gets better over time and if you're after a new arcade-puzzler this is definitely a no-brainer purchase.


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