Tiny Wings Review

By , on February 21, 2011

Tiny Wings
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5 out of 5


  • Amazingly simple, yet effective control system.
  • Bright and ever-changing colorful environments.
  • Objective system for permanent score boosts.


  • Boredom through repetition offset by objectives, but still present.


Minimalistic games like Tiny Wings will never truly replace more substantial titles, but its polished gameplay and presentation make it a hard game to ignore.

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UPDATE: It seems I must have been having internet issues, but leaderboards do exist for Openfeint for this title, however Game Center is not yet implemented, though is on its way.

Elegance in gameplay is a hard concept to nail down, but sometimes minimalism in gameplay can have more of an impact than any flashy button-mashing action title could ever dream to accomplish. With little more than a single tap to control a near-flightless bird, Tiny Wings by Andreas Illiger evokes instants of elation, frustration, panic and peacefulness with such vivid effectiveness that this endless title may be the first game in a long time to truly knock Canabalt off its perch.

Despite being a flightless bird, the main character has always dreamed of flying, but luckily this bird has two tricks up its sleeve. Firstly the bird lives amongst a series of smooth rolling hills that provide the perfect ramps for sliding down and launching off. Secondly, by simply touching the screen the bird is transformed in to a sleek, heavy projectile, capable of gaining momentum as it slides down a hill. Combining these together with the occasional speed boosting coin results in long, gliding jumps that temporarily fulfill the bird's dream of flying.

The world of Tiny Wings is truly fascinating, with bright and colorful landscapes that shift and change daily thanks to a unique procedural graphics generator. Each run is ended once night-time catches up with the tiny bird, but if you can master the perfect slides you'll be able to out-pace the coming sunset and nightfall while flinging your way between islands and enjoying the soothing background music.

To combat the deadly demon of 'repetition', players are given objectives to complete and are subsequently rewarded with a permanent boost to their score multiplier once each set is checked off. The overall effect is staggeringly addictive and despite the difficulty of later challenges it's easy to keep coming back for more.

Tiny Wings is a rare pearl and a definite must play for all but those completely burnt-out on the endless concept.


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