Collision Effect Review

By , on March 7, 2011

Collision Effect
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4 out of 5


  • Easy to learn gameplay; cleverly split in to two distinct modes.
  • Bright, exciting and persistent particle effects.
  • Universal App; looks brilliant on all iOS devices.


  • Puzzles relatively quick to complete.
  • Action mode can be unforgiving; only one bad collision required to fail.


Collision Effect isn't just a pretty face as it also boasts entertaining arcade and puzzle gameplay that remain distinct despite their shared basic elements.

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I'm not sure why the orbs in Collision Effect by Chillingo and Vishindo needed to be named anything at all, but if you were wondering, they're called Zybbles. Zybbles need to collide with one another, but they can only collide with Zybbles of the same color, so you'll need impeccable timing and keen spacial recognition skills to either beat your high-score or to solve the puzzle you're currently on.

I think I'll just call them orbs from now on yeah?

Much of what makes Collision Effect so much fun is the simple thrill of watching neon particles as they streak and explode across the screen, but if that was all there was to the game it wouldn't be fun for very long. Players can choose between an arcade style 'Action' mode complete with power-ups and bonus scores for chaining explosions together or a 'Puzzle' mode to slow things down by attempting to piece together the correctly timed sequences to prevent the pre-positioned orbs from exploding.

This is harder than it sounds as all orbs of the same color as the one selected are attracted immediately, however controls are available to slow down or speed up the movement to make the timings easier to pull off. If you spend too long on a puzzle a 'hint' will direct you to the first step in the process and it's just a matter of piecing things together from that point.

Collision Effect manages to use its simple gameplay effectively in two completely separate modes while making the most of its eye-candy and is an easy game to recommend for those after a brain-teaser with some replay value.


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