Pocket League Story Review

By , on January 10, 2012

Pocket League Story
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4 out of 5


  • Finessed team management; not on the level of genre classics, but deeper than other Kairosoft titles.
  • Pick-up and play simplicity; numbers not immediately important.
  • Live matches help to connect you to your team.


  • The larger your team, the drier management becomes; tweaking numbers, balancing salaries and efficient use of research becomes paramount.
  • Painfully repetitive music; catchy, but very short loops.


Pocket League Story takes Kairosoft's journey in to the world of sport even further, delving in to the numbers behind the game; this can be somewhat detrimental to the pacing, but getting to watch your players perform is a reward all its own.

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Here we are again - a new month rolls by and iOS gamers have themselves a new Kairosoft game to obssess over. This time around the management game specialist has taken aim at the world of sports, following up on their excellent racer Grand Prix Story with a football based title, Pocket League Story.

Those interested in the world of football will immediately point out that such a title is neither new, nor exactly lacking in variety, with fans being able to play games that either focus on the nitty-gritty of the business of sport or place you in control of the players themselves to overcome any weaknesses the team may have. Pocket League Story falls short of the focused finesse of such titles and throws players in to a typically Kairosoft, number-driven world where you must earn various research points to spend on improving your team.

In comparison to their last sporting game, Pocket League feels far more complex, with entire rosters of players to manage individually, along with sporting facilities to maintain and basic tactical choices that can swing a match from a crushing failure to a dominating victory. This in turn earns money for the team, covering basic maintenance costs and player fees.

It doesn't end there though as there's so much more that can be done with the money you earn. New recruits and sponsors must be groomed through expensive negotiations, while fascilities can also be upgraded to increase the number of research points and experience earned by the players between matches. This can make the game feel very dry and at times almost antiseptic, however it does eventually lead to the best part of the game, that of watching a match play out.

After selecting a formation and basic strategy to counter the opposition, players get to watch their team make decisions on their own and see their efforts coming to fruition. It's surprising just how quickly you begin to connect to your team as each win or loss is keenly felt thanks to the celebrations or jeers that follow. All of your effort eventually pays off in the form of unlocking new leagues and competitions to participate in, taking your team to all new levels of challenge.

By now you should know if you're a fan of Kairosoft games or not, but if you're still not sure and you love football, definitely add Pocket League Story to your collection. With that said, the game is ultimately number oriented, dealing more in efficient usage of resources than football itself. If you love Kairosoft or enjoyed Grand Prix Story this may still be right up your alley.


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