A Moon For The Sky Review

By , on December 13, 2010

A Moon For The Sky
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3 out of 5


  • Casual pick up and play style.
  • Relaxing visuals with customizable 'moon'.
  • Incredible soundtrack and sound design.


  • Unfinished concepts; almost meaningless stars.
  • Too much grinding required for too little content.


A Moon For The Sky won't last forever on your iDevice, but it'll still keep you busy with its elegant style and simple gameplay that's hard to put down.

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A Moon For The Sky by Bulkypix and Egg Ball follows in the wake of previous titles from the publisher like Pix'n Love Rush as a simple, yet amazingly refreshing arcade title that seems far more addictive than it has any right to be. I don't mean the last statement to be an insult as this basic game oozes enough charm to make coming back for more almost reflexive and when all you're doing is bouncing a moon on a trampoline it's hard to pinpoint why you keep hitting 'continue'.

The 'moon' in question can either make its way through an endless journey towards new galaxies or through a campaign that splits the game up in to bite-sized chunks that reward players on how speedy they are at completing levels. This light-weight moon is bounced around the screen by drawing lines underneath it, determining the speed and direction of its rebound depending on the line's size and orientation. The smaller the line, the more powerful the kick that is given, but you also run the risk of missing the moon, especially once fans are introduced to mess around with its trajectory.

There are 18 levels currently available over three different locations, with each area adding new minor hazards to stop your progress. Coins earned at the end of each level can go towards opening up these new locations in the Adventure mode, but they can also be spent on purchasing new 'moons' to play with and adding a bit of variety, albeit without much change to the gameplay itself. Where A Moon For The Sky falls short is in the amount of content available, with the 18 levels easily being blasted through once they're unlocked and requiring a considerable amount of grinding in between if you don't use an in game purchase to unlock them immediately.

Curiously, other features like the collection of stars doesn't seem to impact the end result of a run (at least not significantly), making the game feel incomplete at this time. A Moon For The Sky is a relaxing title that will keep you hooked to the end, but it's a shame there's little incentive outside of being a completionist to keep playing after this point.


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