Globulos Mania Review

By , on September 22, 2011

Globulos Mania
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3 out of 5


  • To think of so many game types based around the same simple mechanic shows amazing creativity.
  • Every game mode is playable in a multiplayer setting


  • The game modes on offer for free aren't enticing enough to spend money on any others.
  • The game has ads and still asks for money to play everything on offer.


While it's great to see such variety on a simple play mechanic, the pay to play model makes this game worrisome, especially when its overall art style seems to be directed towards kids.

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How far can you stretch a premise? Oh wait, we've already used that opening line here at AppSpy and it was for a game reviewed quite recently too. A shame cause Globulos Mania is all about the stretching. If turn based stretching is your thing, you'll find all you want and more right here. Let's explore further.

Globulos Mania is a series of mini games, all of which can either be played against the computer or online against other players. The rules of the game are varied, but the mechanics are the same. You can control the direction and force that the Globuls on your team will fling themselves in by stretching an arrow for each of them. The opponent does the same and when you both press the go button, the turn plays out before the whole thing is repeated over and over again till there's a winner. There are twenty games with multiple arenas available, but aside from the four made available for free, everything else in this game has a price point attached to it.

These free games are soccer, bomber, rally, and foursquare. Soccer is what you'd expect, trying your hardest to place your Globuls in the opponent's goal before they hit yours. Rally is racing around a track. Bomber has you avoiding explosions and the craters they leave behind, while foursquare has you trying to stop the ball from landing in your sections of the arena. While the free games show off some of the variety of ideas using this one simple mechanic, they're probably not going to entice many players to purchase any of the other sixteen modes (especially when the games are all broken up into separate packs maximizing the money you need to spend to get the most out of this title).

With cute character design and decent music, Globulos Mania is well made and will most likely appeal to kids, especially those who would enjoy playing these games against their friends. With almost the entire game hidden behind price walls however, the game is hard to recommend to all but those who really really enjoy what's on offer here.


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