Hedgehog Launch Review

By , on November 9, 2010

Hedgehog Launch
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4 out of 5


  • Slick cartoonish visual upgrade from the original.
  • Small balance tweaks to modify progression.


  • Random elements can make high score seeking luck based.


Hedgehog Launch has made a strong transition from its Flash-based origins to the App Store, but for some only one play-through is more than enough.

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If you're like me, you're probably a regular denizen of popular free Flash game haunts like Armor Games. If so, then you'll probably also be familiar with Hedgehog Launch and as such you'll need little in the way of convincing to spend some time flinging this fur-ball in to the wild blue yonder.

In Hedgehog Launch your aim is to get the little bundle of spines in to space, breaking Earth's orbit once and for all. To initiate a launch you'll need to drag and release the sling holding your hedgehog and by utilizing various upgrades you'll also be able to guide him along to either bounce off randomly scattered platforms or by deploying various gadgets to keep him aloft.

The graphics are silky-smooth on the Retina display and watching the world warp as you blast your hedgehog sideways in an attempt to score a random bounce is amusing. Unfortunately something is lost in the translation (despite the immensely improved graphics) and the ability to earn cash seems to be hampered by what feels like smaller coins and platforms (or maybe a reduced collision detection range). This does extend the time it takes to 'max out' your upgrades, but half of the fun is in its 'Doodle Jump'-esque style moments of climbing to the stars.

The game is no less fun for its flaws, but much like the original the only incentive to replay is to beat your previous time for completion. For some this may be enough and if so Hedgehog Launch may just be for you.


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