Amateur Surgeon 2 Review

By , on November 9, 2010

Amateur Surgeon 2
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4 out of 5


  • Updated utensils with an upgrade system.
  • New crazy scenarios and 'boss' battles.


  • While not entirely serious, the themes can be mature (or is that immature?)


Amateur Surgeon 2 continues its whacky take on backyard hospitalization, fixing issues from the original that help to make this a far more immersive title.

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Alan Probe and his backyard surgery antics are back again in Amateur Surgeon 2, but things aren't quite the same as before as Alan is now a retiree (forced) and his skills have atrophied over time.

At least that's the reason they've given for needing to polish up your skills from scratch again, but then again I'm all for any excuse to perform life threatening operations out of a dirty bathtub. Much like the previous title you'll play a virtual game of Operation (or for Nintendo gamers a simplified version of Trauma Center), where you'll make use of various house utensils to cut open and cure the ailments of your patients. Most of the tools require swiping to suture, cauterize and salve wounds (amongst other things), though the trick is in quickly switching between them to keep your patient stable. Also, the previously frustrating 'corkscrew' has been replaced by a far more forgiving syringe and several new ailments have been added specifically for this tool as well.

The interface has been streamlined slightly from the previous outing and while the same quirky cartoonish style has been used, far more detail has gone in to the artwork for the internal organs. You'll also come across more than a few animals crawling around inside your patients, which adds a fun spin to the process, though other less delightful levels include having to tilt your iDevice while performing surgery as quickly as possible.

Amateur Surgeon 2 is more of the same, though some small tweaks and additions help to make this a more engaging experience. Definitely worth grabbing for fans and those that don't mind taking a crack at fake surgical operations.


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