By , on November 15, 2010

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3 out of 5


  • Unique abstract platforming gameplay.
  • Easy to learn, hard to master.


  • No countdown before levels commence.
  • Sticky control issues.


MADDENING is apt in many ways for this abstract shooter, but it's still a fun challenge despite some minor flaws.

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'What is old will be new again', or so the saying goes and while some developers charge forward, attempting to reinvent genres, others have taken a step back, attempting to turn simple concepts in to elegant and entertaining games. MADDENING by YoYo Games is an abstract platformer and players are challenged to navigate a circular sequence of platforms before being consumed by a slowly accelerating wall of death.

Unlike some abstract platformers, players are given the ability to move forward and backwards at will, spinning the world and bringing new platforms (and traps) in to view. Jumping can be controlled in height and direction, though switching directions mid-air or even on the ground can be sticky, resulting in several pointless deaths on higher levels. The game itself is split in to 10 levels, each with 5 increasingly difficult challenges that start with a faster wall, giving you far less time to mess around.

It's a shame that something this visually simple wasn't given a bit more of a polishing to sharpen the graphics, especially when all players have to look at is a small silhouetted player and large jagged platforms. Still, the way in which the game smoothly spins around has a hypnotic effect that fits perfectly with the mood and helps to add a unique touch that's surprisingly easy to get used to.

MADDENING doesn't quite reach the same territory as The Impossible Game, but later levels and difficulties will challenge your agility, especially if you're out to collect all the bonuses. Definitely an interesting minimalistic platformer to keep you busy for a little while.


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