Land-a Panda Review

By , on March 10, 2011

Land-a Panda
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5 out of 5


  • Sharp stick-art style visuals and smooth animations.
  • 80 levels to test your skills on.
  • Bonus coin challenges add difficulty while also being immensely satisfying to complete.


  • Easy to fail thanks to a minor timing errors.


What's black and white with a lot of red chunks? I don't know, but if you played Land-a Panda you might find out; a fun, refreshingly easy to enjoy puzzler for all ages.

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Big Pixel Studios have already garnered a reputation for their ability to combine clean, cute and amusing sticker-art style visuals with gameplay that's just as fun and their latest arcade-puzzle title Land-a Panda is no exception.

Apologies for my poor pronunciation, but Yang Guang is out to capture the heart of the lovely Tian Tian, but cannons, walls, spikes, ghosts and other hazards will conspire against these star-crossed lovers. This is where you jump in, taking control over the various cannons that range from fully automatic to requiring full manipulation of where you're fired in order to avoid hazards and maybe even collect coins in the process. The levels start out simply enough and new features are introduced successive as soon as you master them, but later levels can be a real challenge even without attempting to collect all the coins, especially when your entire progress is ruined by timing a tap a fraction of a second too late.

While it can be frustrating to lose your progress thanks to tiny mistakes, the levels are generally small enough that it's only a minor inconvenience. Also, it's hard to get too angry when you're exposed to the super-cute visuals and upbeat background music that are easy on the eyes and ears. 80 levels are currently available and more are on their way, so you certainly won't be wanting for content and if any level proves to be too challenging you can skip it before returning to it later.

Land-a Panda is simple, cute and fun - almost everything you could want in a mobile device game; definitely worth picking up if you're itching for something new.


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paoloalinea 8 years, 2 months ago

Great review, Andrew! I couldn't agree more! :3