Princess Punt Review

By , on November 14, 2011

Princess Punt
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3 out of 5


  • Great boss designs.
  • Combining job specialties to take down monsters is very satisfying.
  • Multiple difficulty options on each level a great idea.


  • Bothersome constant load times.
  • The master system feels less beneficial and more a way to force constantly changing items.


Taking a concept like Angry Birds and molding an RPG system around it is an interesting idea. Princess Punt pulls it off, but the constant swapping of items and the consistent load times might turn some players off.

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What if a developer was to take angry birds, and fashion an RPG system around the addictive, flinging gameplay? What is the RPG system incorporated included shades of unique classes such as fighters, lancers, archers, and wizards, that all had their unique methods of attack? What if each level had multiple difficulty settings that unlocked more interesting loot and experience, and what if these special items recovered could be leveled up and mastered for more damage? Sounding good? Well it might be, let's have a deeper look.

At the core of Princess Punt is a game very similar to angry birds. There are enemies on screen and as a princess looking for her love, it's your duty to send all the knights sworn to protect you into battle to fulfill their end of the bargain. As they fly into battle, tapping the screen can unleash a special attack unique to each class, and then every turn, they will attack until either the monsters are dead, the knights are dead, or the princess has used up all her kicks. The experience earned after each level grants your main knight greater power, but also levels up the equipment he is wearing. Once either a weapon or piece of armor has reached max level, all exp earned is a waste, so the game kind of forces you to keep trying new classes and items to keep the exp flowing in.

One highlight during your travel through the game's levels is the boss encounters. These have great designs and a couple of weak points that help you take it down by dealing massive damage. Most levels act like mini puzzles, as you work out the best place to punt certain classes, but no where is this more apparent than the boss fights, especially when you start trying these monsters on the higher difficulties.

The game sports a cartoony look. The characters are expressive and amusing in the comic book intros, but their transition to cel-shaded 3d leaves a little to be desired. The music and sound effects are fine but nothing special. There are plenty of levels to play through and seeing that each level has five difficulty settings, there's no lack of content.

One big negative that needs to be addressed is the load times. Every screen from the slot machine for loot, to the equip screen, to the levels have load times, and while not overly long, you're traveling from screen to screen so often that these really start to become bothersome. Aside from that, this is a fun addition to a popular and tested game type. It may be a little grind heavy for some, but this one is worth a play.


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