Bad Air Day Review

By , on February 15, 2011

Bad Air Day
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4 out of 5


  • Colorful cast of characters to deal with.
  • Intuitive control scheme.
  • Fluid and amusing animations.
  • Entertaining despite the crass theme.


  • Limited content; not much variety beyond the first handful of attempts.


Unlike other gas-related App Store titles, Bad Air Day remains fun without being needlessly gross while featuring plenty of humerous moments to enjoy.

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Much like their principle subject, fart-related games are a lingering, distasteful blemish on the App Store, yet it seems their continued success is assured as many people (especially younger audiences) are suckers for a bit of potty-humor. Bad Air Day by GameHouse tries to figuratively clear the air, restoring a bit of demure elegance to what is still a bit of a faux pas.

Artie, the main character, is an elevator operator at a swanky hotel, however he has also made the deadly mistake of partaking in a Taco buffet before heading to work. In order to keep your job you'll need to prevent your toxic fumes from disintegrating the clientele by swiping the screen to waft the gaseous blob towards vents in the top of the elevator. This is no easy task as there's a whole host of strange and interesting individuals constantly getting on and off, each with their own particular tolerance to your fumes. Occasionally a fart fairy will appear, providing an opportunity to dispose of your gas without needing to use a vent, but more importantly he'll explode in to a cloud of gas if you don't satisfy him, making your job even harder.

For what amounts to a fairly distasteful concept, Bad Air Day manages to retain a sense of class and lighthearted humor thanks in part to the constant embarrassment of Artie and the dire consequences of failing to clear the air. Each character has a distinct personality that can make life challenging, however being an 'endless' style of game it'd quickly get boring without this difficulty.

Bad Air Day manages to combine an otherwise embarrassingly childish concept with gameplay and style that goes beyond being crass for the sake of it, making this a fun and addictive way to eat up your spare time.


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