The Blocks Cometh By Halfbot Review

By , on February 16, 2011

The Blocks Cometh - GameClub
  • Publisher: GameClub
  • Genre: Casual
  • Released: 17 Feb, 2011
  • Size: 50.6 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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4 out of 5


  • Challenging, endless skill-based platforming.
  • Unlockable characters; unique features that add a spin on the gameplay.
  • Optional tilt-controls for large-handed gamers.


  • Double-jumping feels inconsistent; occasionally jumps on releasing the button.


The Blocks Cometh has finally arrived in all of its true glory and instead of simply aping the free Flash version that spawned it, Halfbot have added some fun challenges thanks to their unlockable characters.

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Don't mind the déjà-vu, it's not just you - we've been here before... quite literally; though this time The Blocks Cometh has been released by its original creators from Halfbot. However the developers aren't without their sense of humor and what started out as a relatively simple, yet fun Flash game, has bloomed in to a collaborative work that has partnered up several companies in an effort to create something wonderful.

Much like The Incident from late last year, you'll need to avoid falling blocks while constantly climbing over them in order to survive. It's a vicious cycle that's made all the easier thanks to being able to destroy blocks in your way and basic platforming controls that allow you to wall-slide or double-jump further up. Annoyingly, the vertical orientation can make using the d-pad a difficult proposition on the smaller iOS devices, however tilt-controls are available and with a bit of practice you can flip your way across the screen like it was second nature.

Progression in the game is rewarded with unlockable characters, with each one featuring unique attacks, jumps and speeds that can drastically affect how you play the game. The inclusion of two characters from League of Evil is not only amusing, but they provide a great change in style thanks to their melee attacks. Those who own League of Evil will also soon be able to play a level pack based on The Blocks Cometh, bringing the circle to a close.

Giving each character a unique style adds a lot of replayability, though players are likely to pick a character that feels best for them and stick with it as the ultimate goal is to go as high as possible. Attempting to beat your record and unlock various achievements may not remain fun forever, but The Blocks Cometh is still a great pickup for those who enjoy challenge-based platformers.


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