Frisbee® Forever Review

By , on May 6, 2011

Frisbee® Forever
  • Publisher: Kiloo
  • Genre: Lifestyle
  • Released: 5 May, 2011
  • Size: 137.8 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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4 out of 5


  • Smooth gameplay; sharp 3D graphics and fun environments.
  • Easy to use controls; swipe or tilt to move around.
  • Plenty of unlockables; some tied to achievements and not coins.
  • Experience/coins earned for all attempts, failed or successful; makes 'resets' less punishing.


  • WARNING - There is a $100+ IAP package in this game; if you are sharing your iDevice with a child or someone you don't trust, BE CAREFUL.
  • IAP model may put people off; coin requirements are balanced towards forcing purchases.


Take the time to pick up Frisbee Forever as it's free and fun for as long as you can enjoy grinding out coins for additional content.

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I'm almost disappointed that Frisbee Forever by Kiloo Games didn't come out sooner, what with Tron: Legacy being released last year, especially considering the original film managed to turn something as casual as flipping a disc between buddies in to a deadly sport. At any rate, this title is more about timing and skilled maneuvering of your Frisbee to collect stars as you dodge and weave your way through bright and colorful courses around a fantasy world.

Players can choose between tilt or touch controls to move their disc back and forth on the screen and while the touch controls are certainly better for finessed control, there's something about tilting back and forth that feels viscerally 'right'. After flicking your Frisbee you'll need to navigate complex courses littered with checkpoints that act as boosters, adding to your speed and sending you in the right direction. Stars are also placed around each level, with gold completions requiring every one to be collected on your run through.

With around a hundred levels, each featuring crisp, vibrant cartoonish 3D graphics and fun, challenging levels you'd be mad not to grab this game considering it's free. However there is a catch and a rather significant one at that. Players are limited by the amount of 'star coins' they have earned and a not-insignificant amount of them are required to unlock additional levels. These coins are also used to purchase many of the other features within the game and this is where the IAP sneaks in. While players can ignore the store altogether, grinding out additional coins is laborious and repetitive, almost killing the inherently relaxing gameplay as you mindlessly repeat levels over and over. It should also be noted that while a reasonably priced package can unlock the remaining content, it won't remove the advertising (and removing the advertising will require further grinding for content).

It's a mercenary act that makes it hard to enjoy what is a seriously fun game - small touches like adding an experience bar work perfectly with the 'coin' model, but being faced with the choice of paying up for only half a game or grinding until you dislike the game isn't much of a choice at all. There's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't grab Frisbee Forever as it's amazingly fun, beautiful to look at and you're bound to loose a good chunk of time enjoying it; where you go from after that is entirely up to you.


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