Catch The Candy Review

By , on May 16, 2011

Catch The Candy
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3 out of 5


  • Easy to learn; simply touch and play around with what is on screen.
  • Cute visuals and sound effects.
  • Varied puzzle scenarios; keeps the micro-levels from feeling repetitive.


  • Low difficulty level; no real barriers to progression.
  • Little to no replay value outside of achievements.


Catch the Candy is an interesting distraction, but beyond a handful of physics scenarios it fails to remain more than an interesting waste of time.

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So... you've got some candy and you've got a rope (of sorts), but in Catch the Candy by Bulkypix and FedoIT there's no cutting required. In fact the squishy little blue/purple fuzzball you control is like Spiderman if Spiderman lived in a quaint forest and used his powers to eat candy.

The analogy, aside from odd, is actually apt as each of the 53 currently available levels are completed by flinging a sticky limb out from the little monster in order to grab on to objects and swing around in order to obtain the precious candy. The gameplay is mixed up with various objects and surfaces that react to your sticky grip in different ways, but without any real restrictions players can mess around until they stumble upon something that ends up working.

To complete the similarities, Catch the Candy sports a basic, but colorful and cartoonish design that boasts a surprising amount of variety. Unfortunately it's hard to tell if objects can be gripped, pulled or pushed by your limb at just a glance, though after a while you'll quickly develop a sort of sticky-lexicon of surfaces/objects and what they do.

It won't take too long to finish Catch the Candy and while more levels are in store there's not a lot of challenge in messing around without any alternative objectives. The brevity of the title is perhaps one of its strongest points, ensuring the gameplay doesn't get tiring through pointless repetition, making it a fun pickup for those after something fun and simple.


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