Run Roo Run Review

By , on January 16, 2012

Run Roo Run
  • Publisher: 5TH Cell
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Released: 12 Jan, 2012
  • Size: 19.8 MB
  • Price: $0.99
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5 out of 5


  • Caters to casual and hardcore gamers alike; shallow learning curve, sharp 'extreme' difficulty spike.
  • Gorgeously simple, yet bright and colorful 2D graphics; flawlessly smooth and fast to restart.
  • Free new content weekly via in-app download.


  • Ultimately weighted towards hardcore audiences; large disparity in gameplay time between the first 300 levels (30 minutes or so) vs. the next 120 (hours), casual players may never see the 'real' ending.


Run Roo Run is simple, clean fun paired with controls and gameplay that suit everyone from the newest of gamers to the most hardcore of platforming fan; a wonderfully broad and compelling package.

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Run Roo Run by 5TH Cell Media is almost daunting to approach at first - with 420 levels initially available you'd be wondering how on Earth you'd manage to complete it all. Thankfully each level only takes a few seconds to complete, though in fairness the first 300 levels are really just the teaser to real challenge of this one-touch platforming game.

This cute and vibrant cartoonish title is split in to 20 chapters and follows the journey of a kangaroo out to save its kidnapped joey. Each of these chapters introduces a new hazard or interactive object (be it anything from teleporting tunnels to floating clouds and gravity flipping power-ups) across 15 easy to blast-through stages. As for the 6 unlockable 'extreme' levels, well that's another story altogether.

Whether you tackle just the easy content or try to wrap your head around the 'extreme' levels, Run Roo Run is all about timing and perfect execution. 5TH Cell have taken the time to accommodate all levels of skill by including quick restarts as well as handy indicators to show where you jumped previously, allowing you to correct as required. The penalty for such a boon is a cumulative 'time' that includes failed runs, making gold times a matter of perfect practice or skill.

Those who are completely stumped can utilize 'free passes' or slow motion power-ups to make life easier, though these are in short supply and require in-app purchases to top up.

What makes Run Roo Run so fun is just how smoothly it handles, with jumps responding speedily (in fact players can tap early to guarantee an instant bounce) and collision detection being fair enough to provide a challenge without being snarky about a clip of a pixel or two here or there.

Also, ff you're the kind of that values longevity in their games, 5TH cell are providing handfuls of weekly free content for players to download and enjoy once they've finished the basic levels of the game.

Whether you're a veteran platformer or someone after a relaxed challenge, Run Roo Run is a treat to play.


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