Burn the Rope Worlds Review

By , on September 23, 2011

Burn the Rope Worlds
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4 out of 5


  • Still a unique concept for a game.
  • There's a fantastic feeling of accomplishment for getting a gold medal.
  • Puzzle of the day mode adds almost limitless content for those who've played through everything else.


  • A lot of the time fires going out seems to be based on luck.
  • The looping music gets annoying quickly.


For those of you looking for more content after playing the original release, Worlds will keep you busy for a while. For those who haven't played these games, this is a good jumping on point.

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It's been closing in on a year since the original Burn the Rope was released in December of 2010. Now developers Big Blue Bubble have released Burn the Rope: Worlds. Packed with heaps of new content and a new game mode, does this title light a fire under what made the original great, or does it fizzle out?

The gameplay is identical to the original release. Tapping anywhere on the rope of the level will start a fire. These fires burn upwards, and go out if not moving, so you need to constantly rotate your iphone to keep them going. This becomes more difficult when suddenly an intersection of rope sends fires off in three differing directions and you need to either tilt like a madman or choose which fires to keep lit, and which to extinguish. Colored rope is added that can only be burned by frying bugs of certain colors and the medal you are awarded upon completion is tied to the percentage of rope burned in each level.

Along with the four themed worlds that this burning action is set in, another new addition is the endless burn mode. This is a play on snake, which anyone with a cell phone from the last ten years should be familiar with game wise. You rotate to control your flame, trying to burn the bugs. Every bug burned adds to your tail, and if you run into your tail or any obstacles strewn around the level, it's game over. Finally for those who can't get enough content, there's the puzzle of the day mode, which offers new levels for free with ad support, or you can pay to remove the ads altogether. This creates endless content for fans of the game, and those with that creative spark can even create and submit their own levels.

Just like the first game, the line between fun and frustration can be very thin. This action puzzler is not for everyone, but for those who love the game, either from having enjoyed the first title, or just thinking that it looks fun, this is the version to buy, as the amount of content alone is well worth the purchase price.


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