VineKing Review

By , on July 22, 2011

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4 out of 5


  • A nice marriage of game mechanics.
  • Great production value.


  • Not everyone can effectively multitask, even in the form of a game.


Vineking is unique and well made. Definitely worth a try for the price.

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Pixel Vandals describes its newest game, Vineking as based around multitasking. This is a fair assessment, but hearing that doesn't necessarily make one want to play the game, so let's delve deeper. You are the last of the Vine kings. Your planet was destroyed by a comet and now its up to you to restore life to this ball of rock.

Each level consists of transforming the landscape from stone to grass with your powers. Drawing a line extends your vine to crush the lava rock, and have grass sprout in its place. This uses up your vine bar however, which is replenished by holding down the seed button to suck in seeds that drop from both restoring grass and destroying enemies. Yes, there are foes that pop up, threatening the vine king, which are easily dispatched by tapping on them. The level is complete when each piece of rock has been transformed. You see now where the multitasking comes into play. The game eases you into its mechanics however, and by the first boss fight when things start ramping up difficulty-wise, you should be equipped to handle yourself.

Visually Vineking is pleasing to look at with distinct characters and a vibrant if somewhat muted color palette. The music and sound effects fit the mood of the gameplay and all in all, Vineking has excellent production value. The main campaign is all there is, but each level has three stars to acquire, and you can use your points to upgrade Vineking's powers.

Vineking is certainly a unique game. The mixture of gameplay and touch gestures keeps a player constantly on their toes, while the upgrade and three star system gives the player something to strive for, all while the game increases the difficulty level by level at a steady pace. If you're looking for something new to play, you might want to give Vineking a try.


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