By , on September 28, 2011

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4 out of 5


  • Solid cover-based shooter gameplay.
  • Gorgeously vibrant environments; one part Gears of War, one part Quake 2.
  • Entertaining voice-acting performances.
  • Unlockable artwork/info for the completionists out there.


  • Simple, hammy storyline.
  • Sticky control issues; customization options available, but doesn't fix fundamental problems (reload pausing, etc.).
  • Some poor checkpoint placements.


While not perfect a perfectly executed, the shortcomings in SHADOWGUN leave room for another even better game to take its place; not that there's any rush because it's still worth checking out.

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Sure, we've had shooters before on the App Store and they've been received with mixed amounts of love and hate. Some of the best have gone on to become shrines of multiplayer fun, but the single-player experience has often been lacking as you're left with the usual draw-by-numbers war-torn battlefield formula. SHADOWGUN by MADFINGER Games, better known for their Samurai series have busted out with a gorgeous cover-based shooter in an attempt to break this routine.

Sadly it stumbles from the get-go as players are thrown in to a story and environment that bears more than a striking resemblance to that of the seminal classic Quake 2. From this point the game strays in to a thin plot surrounding the god-delusions of a mad scientist and his army of genetic mutants, but they're no match for beefcake John Slade, "Shadowgun" for hire.

Thankfully the compensation for a mindless plot is suitably vicious gameplay that pits you against AI that wanders between cover (albeit with predictability) while you dispense bullet and explosive-filled justice to any man, mutant or machine that stands in your way. Slade will stick to various surfaces automatically, providing adequate cover from incoming volleys of death, with a simple tap forward or backward allowing you to jump over or continue on your way.

Although there's only one set of controls available, several customization options including the ability to rearrange the screen makes the most of the virtual-stick and swipe system on offer. What's far less appealing is the weapon-swap system that's difficult enough to use in the heat of battle without it also making you pause for a second or two. It may not sound like much, but when faced with multiple opponents, the instinct to swap to a better weapon (or otherwise running out of ammunition) can be deadly mistake.

With 10 levels under its belt, multiple boss fights and a few unlockables for the OCD gamers out there, SHADOWGUN makes for a fun evening of solid shooter gameplay. It's not perfect, but that only means we can look forward to bigger and better things in the future.


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danielbmz 7 years, 12 months ago

me exito este juego

Quinn 8 years, 9 months ago

Surprised that you only mentioned Quake 2 while this game seems to have Gears of War all over it.

talugo 8 years, 9 months ago

That's because Gears feels like it is inspired by Quake. Tank soldiers, and fancy weaponery, both solid games. Think I'm gonna give this one a try too. Thanks Andrew!

andrew 8 years, 9 months ago

This is why I dislike comparisons like this as they're often shallow and miss the mark only because people focus on the visual similarities without considering the mechanical ones. As Talugo points out, GoW shares similarities with Quake 2, but more importantly Shadowgun lacks the refined squad-based gameplay or clever variety of weaponry that makes Gears of War so fun. Shadowgun is remeniscent of simpler FPS titles from the 90s - basic action, simple plot, a few explosions and one dead bad-guy to make you feel good at the end ;)