Bring Me Sandwiches!! Review

By , on October 26, 2011

Bring Me Sandwiches!!
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4 out of 5


  • Crazy platforming with a Katamari Damacy edge.
  • Vibrant presentation; everything pops out and is easy to identify.
  • Play at your own pace; progress immediately or complete challenging requirements to unlock additional content.


  • Touchy controls for later platforming hazards.


Bring Me Sandwiches!! takes the very base concept of a game like Katamari and gives it a fresh spin by placing it in a 2D platformer complete with the same charming touches that turn up the corners of your mouth in to a smile.

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It seems Adult Swim are on a rampage at the moment and their collection of high-quality games for the iOS platform has once again expanded with the release of Grumpyface Studio's title Bring Me Sandwiches!!. Set in a typically unreal cartoonish world, your character is targeted by a gigantic alien invader as the sole provider of sustenance. So now, with the help of the Secret Service, you'll collect everything you can possibly fit on to a slice of bread to satiate the alien's hunger.

This pretty much sums up the gameplay as well - the game itself is first and foremost a 2D platformer and you'll need to negotiate typical hazards (albeit tweaked to suit the country you're currently in) while vacuuming up everything from the pebbles on a dirt road to the vehicles themselves and even entire buildings. Most levels present a basic set of requirements, be it to collect 'x' amount of a certain object or simply ensuring each sandwich has a particular item on it before handing it in.

Initially you can only collect smaller items, but with each sandwich handed in your ability to collect larger items is increased. The catch, however, is that you may also end up collecting convenient pathways used to access additional areas. This is offset by collecting a jetpack, giving you the ability to double-jump for the rest of the level or other modes of transport (including riding jets of water).

Much like Katamari Damacy, the game's addictive edge comes from the charm of its presentation and the ludicrous way in which things spiral ever towards crazy proportions. In keeping with the casual gameplay, the game itself isn't difficult to complete as progression is rarely blocked by the need to replay previous levels. That said, those after some challenge can try to collect all the 'golden toast' on a level by meeting requirements such as beating the level in a set time or reaching a particular score.

Sadly there are a few quibbles to be had, notably with the controls. They come in three different flavors (swipe, tilt and touch), but jumping can feel a bit lofty, while responsiveness in turning can also lead to taking damage where you'd otherwise have avoided it.

If you're after a game that seeks to do nothing more than to distract and tickle those pleasure zones in your brain, check out Bring Me Sandwiches!!; it's not deep or complicated, but it's pure fun from start to finish.


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