Big Sticky Review

By , on August 3, 2011

Big Sticky
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3 out of 5


  • Lots of content.
  • Goofy princesses.


  • Very floaty swinging mechanics.


A good title ruined by some iffy game mechanics, but for some, this game might still shine though.

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Big Sticky tells a very familiar video game tale. Your princess has been kidnapped, and it's your job to get her back (plus all the other princesses that have been kidnapped as well). As Sticky the purple Frog Prince, you travel through treacherous worlds level by level, collecting roses, reaching the exit, and doing it all with the power of your incredible tongue.

This game is all about the swinging mechanics. You tap a surface to shoot your tongue out at it. Upon hitting it, Sticky will swing in an arc until you let go of the screen. Timing your tongue shots will swing Sticky through the level, and at the end you are graded on time and whether or not you collected the three roses on your way. Unfortunately the swinging physics leave a lot to be desired. Gravity takes kind of a backseat, with Sticky having a floaty weight to him that doesn't seem to correspond to his arcs or latching onto a new surface. This can make certain sections of the game feel more like trial and error then skill as you restart the level for the umpteenth time.

Visually Big Sticky is simple but functional. Sticky himself is friendly and endearing, and a definite highlight of the game is the princesses you rescue every single level. This is truly a disturbing universe in which these characters live but it does make you wonder just what the next princess looks like. The music is suitable, but like a lot of games these days it's a short piece that constantly loops, and can easily drive you crazy if you don't turn it off after a while. The game contains five worlds with fifty one levels, so there's plenty to keep you interested.

Big Sticky is full of good ideas. The actual concept, the story, and all the effort that was put into the princesses mark a good title. If only they had spent more time fine-tuning the swinging mechanics, this could have been a much more enjoyable experience. Still, if the experience looks fun to you, the controls might not be an issue.


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