Gesundheit! Review

By , on August 3, 2011

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4 out of 5


  • Great visuals and sound.


  • Some minor path-finding issues


As far as action puzzlers go, Gesundheit is a great addition to the genre and worth a purchase if you enjoy this type of game.

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The motivation for your character in Gesundheit is told through one of the most amusing little pieces of intro animation I’ve watched in a while. As the runt of a litter of pigs, your allergies ostracize you from the rest of the group... that is until your village is attacked by monsters. Now it's up to you to use the power of snot to get rid of the monsters, and save everyone.

The goal of each level is to capture the monsters. This is accomplished by leading them into traps where they are devoured by other monsters. You can trick the monsters into offing themselves either by having them chase you or sneezing on a trap, which calls them over. Yup, it seems that pig snot is one of their favorite treats. Moving around the level is as simple as tapping on the screen, and snot is flung by dragging back on your piggy and releasing your finger to let fly. As well as destroying the monsters, each level has three stars which can be collected not only for a higher score, but the stars are needed to access new areas.

The visuals of Gesundheit are gorgeous. Everything from the characters to the backgrounds is reminiscent of the illustrations in a children's story book. The music is happy, bouncy and accompanies the gameplay well. The game contains forty levels to play through, with the promise of more content to come.

As an action puzzle game, Gesundheit handles itself very well. The touch controls mixed with the path-finding can be frustrating when your pig doesn't travel where you want him to, but this is a minor annoyance. Some of the puzzles can be difficult but if you are really having trouble making progress, there is a skip level option in the menu. All in all this is a fun game with great production value that is worth a look.


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