Snoticles Review

By , on December 22, 2011

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5 out of 5


  • The combination of four characters with unique abilities.
  • Zit's projectiles can be collected if they bounce back on himself or other characters.


  • You can be waiting around for a missed projectile to roll to a gentle stop and disappear.


With the premise of creatures made out of snot, this is obviously meant for a younger male audience, but what we have here is a good game that is worth a play from everyone.

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Be honest, unless you're a young boy, you probably aren't going to be enticed by four blobs of snot called the Snoticles. We here at AppSpy don't blame you as we were pretty apprehensive loading up this title, despite it being from Adult Swim and the great track record of quality games they've had this year. Boy were we wrong. While it won't set the world on fire, Snoticles is a solid and fun physics puzzle experience.

Zit, Dread, Spark, and Snot are the Snoticles and they're here to defend the world from the evil Blot empire. Each level consists of one or more snoticles throwing their special brand of projectile across the level to try and dispose of all the alpha blots. Protecting the alphas are many grunt blots that can impede your path, but also perish if their alpha is destroyed. The projectiles are fired by aiming a trajectory with your finger and then tapping the snoticle icon at the bottom of the screen to let fly. Zit throws rocks which can bounce back and be collected for another throw. Dread chucks bombs, Spark shoots fireballs, and Snot chucks his own phlegm... which sticks to surfaces. Each snoticle has a limited amount of ammunition and the way the levels combine the uses of the snoticles' powers is quite ingenious at times.

With the level of presentation you'd expect from a developer working for Cartoon Network, and the fun gameplay described previously, there's only a couple reasons not to give this one a go. Some may not be able to get past the juvenile premise of the game, and while that's a shame, it's understandable. The second reason is that with only sixty levels, the game can be over all too soon for those who find themselves addicted. Hopefully there will be more levels in future updates (as that's almost a requirement of iPhone games these days), but if not, well it's certainly a blast while it lasts.


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