Wingsuit Stickman Review

By , on May 25, 2012

Wingsuit Stickman
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3 out of 5


  • Satisfying crunches and ragdoll animation upon crashing (which there will be a lot of).
  • A lot of secondary objectives like popping balloons, scaring birds, and collecting stars.


  • The controls feel a little unwieldy and inconsistent.


Despite some control issues, there is a charm and sense of fun with Wingsuit Stickman that will keep you playing no matter how many times you plow your stickman into the ground.

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What is so inherently entertaining about ragdoll stickmen? Whether it be in choreographed martial arts animations or the plethora of iPhone games involving them, watching these abstract representations of ourselves flail around unceremoniously is always worth a chuckle. In Wingsuit Stickman, our lined protagonist takes flight, and it's up to the player to guide them around oh so many dangerous obstacles, to plummet right into the finish bag.

Control of the stickman is handled via tilting. Tapping will have him jump off to an early start (which is essential for avoiding some narrow starting crevices), and while in the air, it acts as a braking device. Once airborne, gliding conventions come into effect. Tilt down to dive, and swoop up again to gain more lift. Much finesse is needed to traverse the crazy pathways of each level (especially when air currents are introduced) and it's here where the controls are kind of all over the place. Normally they work fine, the character adjusting to your turns and weaving, but sometimes it feels like tilting your device locks your turn in place, and then you end up introducing face to mountain without much say in the matter.

Crashing is one of the more enjoyable aspects of the game. Aside from the fun ragdoll effects (for example getting your face stuck in a slanted cliff ceiling, and slowly scraping down the side), the sound effect associated with crashing is a very satisfying meaty thunk that delights no matter how many times you hear it (and you will be hearing it a lot). The art style is the doodle/stick figure aesthetic that used to be all the rage in iPhone gaming but has been scarce for some time now. The art really neither adds nor detracts from the experience, and if you're playing a game with 'stickman' in the title, you should know what to expect visually.

With the promises of new levels updating regularly, Wingsuit Stickman should provide some fun for its price. Even though the controls and level design may be giving you a tough time, you'll find yourself hitting the retry button over and over and over again. There's a charm here that's definitely worth a play.


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