Negative Nimbus Review

By , on November 19, 2012

Negative Nimbus
  • Publisher: CloudKid
  • Genre: Family
  • Released: 16 Oct, 2012
  • Size: 36.5 MB
  • Price: $1.99
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4 out of 5


  • The grunts and apologies of the cloud are a highlight.
  • Vibrant and expressive.


  • Very simplistic gameplay that doesn't build on itself too much.


Full of character and charm, but a little light in the gameplay department.

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Negative Nimbus gives you a unique way to approach thinking about rain clouds. They can't help blanketing the land and its denizens below with a thick pelt of water, and even though they may try their hardest to stop raining on everyone's parade, their strength can only take so much strain. The problem is that this lack of self control spreads negativity, and its no wonder this nimbus is so darn miserable.

Tapping on the screen as your sad little rain cloud floats along will cause strain upon himself, stopping the water that exudes from his underside for a short while (until he cannot hold it any longer). Here we have the main gameplay in a nutshell. The budding flowers want the water so they can bloom. Everyone else wishes to stay dry. To simplify that; rain on flowers, good. Rain on hot dogs and anthropomorphic pies, bad. Little flourishes are added like tapping the buds so they can gain access to the rain, and power-ups such as umbrellas that allow the cloud a little relaxation as he passes by, but the game never really veers from this core concept.

Though with its simplistic gameplay, it's the character that sells the experience. The exasperated sighs and strained grunts from the cloud makes you feel his plight, and even though you are meant to avoid dousing all the strange creatures that inhabit the land under you, their solemn faces as you drench them is worth the hit in points and the loss of multiplier, just to have a good chuckle.

It's easy to recommend this for younger players, with its simple to understand gameplay, and expressive, humorous characters. Adults should garner some amusement as well, but sadly the lack of variation isn't going to keep them playing, but the time spent with this title will certainly be memorable.


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