Chicken Coup Remix Review

By , on November 1, 2011

Chicken Coup Remix
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3 out of 5


  • The chicken power multiplier makes long chicken chains an even greater achievement.


  • The game quickly becomes overwhelming.
  • Hit detection on leading the chickens into the coop is a little spotty.


Those who can wrestle passed being overwhelmed by the glut of chickens appearing, and who don't get annoyed by not always hitting the chicken coop will find a frantic and fun game. Others will just find it frustrating.

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Feeling cooped up? Outfoxed? Tired of reviews full of stupid puns pertaining to the game at hand? Well we can't help you out with that last one but Chicken coop Remix by Punch Puppy Studios may just entertain you enough to chase away all the frustration. Then again, it might exacerbate it.

There are two chicken coops and two different colored chickens, white and yellow. The white chickens need to be herded into the white coop, and the yellow chickens into their coop. It's self explanatory really. Single chickens will boost your chicken power score multiplier, and chains of chickens will boost it even further, as well as giving you a much nicer score in the process. Unfortunately all is not so simple in chicken coop land, as foxes will constantly try to steal your chickens away for a tasty meal. These pests can be dealt with by throwing them in the barn. If a fox eats a chicken or you send a chicken towards the wrong coop, your chicken power will be diminished. Add new levels unlock tied to high scores and you can see the makings of a fun iPhone title here.

Perhaps it's just one reviewer's experiences with the game here but the hit detection is spotty at best. Often when a chain was being created, it seemed chickens outside the path drawn would be picked up, rendering the chain useless. Also dragging into the coops didn't register and instead of big points, you got a group of bewildered chickens floating around, just asking to be fox food.

Issues aside the game looks and sounds great with a vibrant art style that evokes memories of Warcraft 3. The music is bouncy and a great addition to the frenzied chicken corralling that is required of the player. For those who don't experience the control problems, this is a fun and frantic game. It can be a little overwhelming once the screen floods with chickens, but cool headed players will prevail.


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