Ninja Ponk Review

By , on November 3, 2011

Ninja Ponk
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4 out of 5


  • Such a simple and fun concept.
  • Amazing music, especially during the night segments.
  • Got a minute to spare? You can have a game.


  • A lot of the unlocks are merely cosmetic.


Ninja Pong is bite-sized fun, that should provide enjoyment for players of all skill levels.

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Ever wonder how ninjas train? Apparently it all has to do with jumping between platforms. What the documentaries fail to mention is the all too important job of the paddler. You see, the crevice is too large for even the most athletic of ninjas to overcome, therefore they need a paddle of varying lengths. This is where you as the player come in. Help train as many ninjas as possible in the time limit by ferrying them to the other side, all the while avoiding the bombs and arrows dedicated to make your life even more difficult.

Controlling the paddle is done with your finger. The paddle moves fluidly and you should have no troubles at all bouncing ninjas across. As the game continues, you'll also have a chance to collect power-ups and coins. These power-ups range from slow motion to giving you a longer paddle, while coins are used to purchase new accessories and game changers from the store. A couple times during each play you'll enter night mode, and this is where the ninjas really shine, descending on you in a flurry of activity. There are point bonuses for successful chains in this mode, and during daytime as well. This score is very important in endless mode, if you wish to unlock the other ninja training arenas the game has on offer.

The visuals are fun and colorful, and buying new hats for the ninjas is pretty funny when you see a hoard of them jump at the paddle wearing baseball caps or sombreros. The music is excellent, maintaining a relaxing Japanese feel during the day, and then ramping up to an awesome battle anthem during the night segments. There's plenty to unlock, but the unlocks don't add much variation to the base game.

Ninja Pong is a lot of fun. It's a game that you can quickly start up if you have a minute spare, and the unlocks at least provide a small amount of amusement. This one's worth your time and money.


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