Extinction Squad Review

By , on May 17, 2012

Extinction Squad
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4 out of 5


  • Amusing theme with detailed visuals to match.
  • Simple touch-and-swipe arcade gameplay with generous difficulty scaling.
  • Currency provided with relative generosity; some luck required, but hard work pays off.


  • Slow to reveal new content/features; reduces appeal of unlocking new levels.
  • Unnecessarily pushes the IAP.


Extinction Squad will have you dashing out to wade out in to the gore in your best mountain-hiking boots in order to save the animals too stupid to save themselves.

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Thanks to globe-trotting adventurer Chuck Darwin the dodo is no longer extinct and has once again populated the world. Unfortunately, other animals aren't so happy about this and take to ending their lives by jumping off cliffs. Chuck will have none of this and with the help of a trampoline team you'll bounce them to safety.

Whether you play in Adventure or Count Down mode, there's a cycle of gameplay you'll have to master in order to start scoring it big. First comes the slew of creatures diving off cliffs at various heights and the occasional sky-diving creature too; after bouncing as many of them to safety you'll be subjected to a barrage of bombs and a bonus or two including power-ups; rinse and repeat with overlaps.

This wouldn't be Adult Swim without a twist though and while Chuck may want to save the animals, they're not as critical as you'd like to think, with creatures regularly face-planting the dirt and creating an ugly red smear on the ground. Aside from delaying reaching your target (or in the case of Count Down, potentially missing the target amount needed to continue), you're not penalized for these deaths, so let the bodies hit the floor if it means you'll survive another day.

Extra levels, up to a total of six currently available, can be purchased with coins. These may seem in short supply at first but as you unlock new bonus-rounds for the end of each stage and earn 'Wild Tokens' to spend on the bonus Wild Wheel, you'll quickly find yourself drowning in coins. This is good because there are permanent upgrades to purchase as well, helping you to achieve various missions set before each run to earn even more coins.

Extinction Squad isn't 'good, clean fun', but it is 'bloody, dirty fun' and with PikPok at the helm its presentation is top-notch as well, featuring plenty of amusing expressions and sound-effects to keep you smiling.

If you need a new time waster, this is a definite keeper.


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